We’re BAAAaaack…

Hello there!

So you’be stumbled across http://www.thebhg.org, eh? This is the old and new home of the Bounty Hunters Guild! We welcome one and all to re-join (or join for the first time) the greatest Star Wars group on the web. Not only that, but you have the great opportunity to participate in the history of the group as we rebuild the greatness that once was. It is time for us to come back together and make the group as great as it once was.

I invite you to register a user and join in. We will be implementing more and more functionality as time goes by (credits, ID Lines, etc.), and anyone who is interested in web development is invited to help out with the process. The website is (obviously) built on the WordPress engine, and that was a decision made by me for either an interim solution or a permanent one (my hope). It is one of the more powerful and customizable website solutions and I think it will suit our purposes nicely for the new community.

Welcome back… now let’s blast some Trainees.