Fiction Information

Hi, all!

Will keep improving the site (as I am able), but wanted to keep it simple at first so we can just build it up as we want it to. Make it serve us rather than try hard to “recreate” things as they were. Get back to the roots of just the stuff we enjoy like fiction, RP, and hunts.

To submit fiction or other posts, Login (top right)—most of you already have accounts here under your hunter name or e-mail address (same DB as last time, note the post from 2012 haha), otherwise you can register. Once you have, ask me to turn your account into an author so you can add posts. From the admin, just go to “Posts” -> “Add New”. You can also edit your own posts after the fact. I can make some of you editors as well so you can help add categories and organization and such if you’d like.

On your posts add the category “Fiction” and “Hunter Intro”, or “Fiction” and “Legacy” etc. I can add categories if we want more, but also feel free to add tags. Mostly would just love to get some stuff up and refining organization and navigability is easy from there. Just want to make it easy to get stuff up for others to read or check out. Feel free to add anything else as well! Images, pictures from old KAGs, Online Missions, etc. Like I say, we can organize really easily by adding tags and categories to stuff, just get it online and we can take it from there. 🙂

Also, using Muut for commenting (great for that, real-time, etc.) and also the Forum. Note that posts can’t be edited or deleted (admins can delete), so I’m not positive it is a good fit for us. But it’s the company I work for, so I thought we could give it ago. If not good for the forums, we can just use it for commenting and then something else.

Happy Hunting!