And, It Starts…

The sweet burn of the well-distilled whiskey teased the back of his throat. It was a familiar feeling, one that gave a pleasant satisfaction, while doubling as a stab in the ribs from the dagger of nostalgia. All the close calls, the beautiful women, the lost friends and the missed opportunities; it all came flooding back to him with every sip from his glass.   That was the last sip from his fourth glass today.   No longer was he […]

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Fiction Information

Hi, all! Will keep improving the site (as I am able), but wanted to keep it simple at first so we can just build it up as we want it to. Make it serve us rather than try hard to “recreate” things as they were. Get back to the roots of just the stuff we enjoy like fiction, RP, and hunts. To submit fiction or other posts, Login (top right)—most of you already have accounts here under your hunter name […]

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We’re BAAAaaack…

Hello there! So you’be stumbled across, eh? This is the old and new home of the Bounty Hunters Guild! We welcome one and all to re-join (or join for the first time) the greatest Star Wars group on the web. Not only that, but you have the great opportunity to participate in the history of the group as we rebuild the greatness that once was. It is time for us to come back together and make the group as […]

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